As Thomas Edison said, “Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure”. Successful practioners and leaders are never satisfied and never done learning. They are continuously curious so they continue to read, study, take continuing education courses and learn more about the world and about themselves. They share an understanding that there is always room for improvement.
When becoming a Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner /Specialist, purchasing a device is only the first step towards practicing the field, and actually is only a recognition of ownership of a device. On the other hand being a Certified Qualified Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner or Specialist, and building a business around this area requires much more than just a purchase. It requires dedication, focus and the eagerness to learn the infinite possibilities that exist with Quantum Biofeedback.

Worldwide, many have purchased devices EFPX / QXCI / SCIO / INDIGO /EDUCTORs and ED.Xs either for home-use, to start a new profession, or as an add-on to their existing practice of either a Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist and many more. However, in all the above cases, becoming an expert in Quantum Biofeedback, and being successful either in the individual therapy sessions or in the business itself, investment must be made in education, certifications, participation in world conferences, and participation in board of associations relative to your field.

As a successful business owner, various aspects of building and creating the need in the market, must be kept in mind.

Some questions to askoneself is
“would I go to ‘me?”,
“why would I go to ‘me?”,
“would I continue to go to ‘me?”.

These questions encompass a vast variety of aspects. That is, when a client visits any therapist, invests time (at least three hours taking into consideration preparation, traveling time and time of session), and invests payment to the therapists, the client expects in return a professional session, special care and to come out of the office feeling better, feeling that they have learned new ways of lifestyle, living better, feeling better, etc, in addition to looking forward to the next session.

To succeed in this, and apart from the basics including a professional premises, professional atmosphere, professional appearance, investment in technology, having a scope of practice and a mission statement outlining what the purpose and boundaries of the business, a business owner must have advanced knowledge on the technology used. Having only basic navigational training is considered as being a technician. Being a successful business owner and an expert in the field, does encompass more than just being technically aware of the programs available but also having in-depth knowledge of modalities, possibilities and applications.

Education and commitment to moving forward is an on-going process obviously and a life journey, however the basics of having a degree in the field puts you a step closer to succeeding.

There are many accredited Universities offering education such as IMUNE, IQUIM, and many other traditional Medical Schools offering electro-physiology and neuro-anatomy courses in addition to complementary and integrative medical programs in their curriculum. Also, there are many continuing educational courses and mentorships offered by exceptional experts in the Quantum Biofeedback Field and our Community. Furthermore, additional effort in courses for business and marketing tools to achieve an added niche in the market is always helpful.
For success, one must also have a deep understanding of not only the field of area but knowing how to run a business.
Key aspects and characteristics apart from the basics mentioned above include staying focused to master the business and becoming an expert, analyzing competition of various other modalities and therapies, and being ontop, being creative, being consistent, and being organized with detailed reports on each client. Additionally, every few months, conferences in Quantum Biofeedback are organized internationally where experts in this technology share
their knowledge.
It is also an excellent chance of meeting people in the field worldwide and exchanging experiences.
It is always a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the community.
All the above mentioned, and many more, add value to a business.
Success requires a long-term focus that is built gradually.